February issue Free Templates

To download February Free Templates please click here……… http://papercraftinspirations.themakingspot.com/sites/papercraftinspirations.themakingspot.com/files/migrated/pin31.templates.pdfFebruary Free Templates Have fun everyone

Look at this nifty craft site!

Happy 2007 all! Take a look at this site we found at the end of last year – it’s full of crafty goodness! Zoe


Beat those January and go on a card making binge with these handy FREE templates – we’ve plucked them straight out of issue 30 for you to use… They include winter woollies shapes that look great cut out of felt for fun ‘hello’s and birthday cards, plus our russian dolls, which we predict are going… Continue reading

Brilliant brads!

If, like us, you’ve fallen in love with Charlotte Stowell’s gingerbread house, from our Christmas issue, you’ll also be busy planning what to put in it! I’m making the house for my family this Christmas, but instead of gifts I’m going to take use it to house my mum’s collection of Christmas Cracker gifts! (it’s… Continue reading

Curioser and curioser!

When I was very little and had just started out making cards I used to store away all the Quality Streets wrappers every Christmas (the purple ones were the best, but they were also my mum’s favourites so I had to make extra sure to intercept them!) for use on my cards in the months… Continue reading

Get your free Christmas issue templates here!

To download the Christmas issue Free Templates, please click here… PIN29 Christmas templates This wasn’t working earlier today but we’ve tried to fix the link now, so this link (above) should take you to a downloaded pdf of the templates – let me know if it doesn’t work! Zoe ps. If you have any problems… Continue reading

December issue FREE templates

To download the December issue Free Templates, please click here… issue 28 free templates have fun everyone!

A crafty confession…

I have a guilty secret… and it’s one that I have been harbouring for years! rs! This blog seems as good a place as any to come clean though so here goes… I don’t always make my own cards. It’s shocking I know. How does this keep happening?! I am lucky enough to work on… Continue reading

Brand new November issue out now!

Heaps of new ideas for your cards inside /strong> Phew! It’s been lots of work – but even more fun, putting together our latest issue of PaperCraft inspirations. It’s a first in loads of ways too. You’ll find our first festive designs of the year inside the free Quick&Easy Christmas cards book – which we’ve… Continue reading

Download November's FREE templates here

Now you can download our November issue’s FREE pull-out-and-keep template pages, absolutely FREE! This month includes pretty flowers and a butterfly (which we’ve used to make some paper patchwork lovliness) plus a light-hearted pumpkin and a stalk for a quick-make baby card. To download them now, simply click here: November (27) free templates We’ll be… Continue reading

Crafting all over the world

Have you ever wandered how card makers like to do things on the continent? I’ve just got back from a week in Paris and spent much of this pottering around the lanes and streets (when I wasn’t rushing from art gallery to cafe to the Eiffle tower of course!) One of my favourite holiday occupations… Continue reading

The journey of a papercrafter is never easy!

Have any of you ever had a comedy crafting on the move experience? I did recently, so thought I’d share it with you to see if I’m anyone else can identify! It was while I was on the train from Bath Spa to visit my family in Taunton. I had left it until the last… Continue reading

Your fab October issue

Our October issue is in shops now, and we had heaps of fun making it for you! u! Not only does it come complete with a fab set of border stamps, featuring the sweet stitching so you can get the latest look for your cards, but it’s crammed full of ideas, techniques and advice for… Continue reading

Download October's templates for FREE

Now you can download the October issue’s FREE pull-out-and-keep template pages, absolutely FREE! ! We’ve chosen a bumper issue of templates for our first time of featuring them on the website – this month’s templates include a handy tag shape, a selection of cakes, football shirt and cat from our quick cards pages plus all the… Continue reading

Inside the August issue

Our August issue (issue 24) featured an array of sizzling summer treats to keep you busy throughout all those lovely long evenings of quality craft time! e! Whether you’re crafting out in the garden, at your kitchen table or in your very own craft room we’ve got loads of fresh new ideas for you… Our… Continue reading