Make these origami fairy lights

Make a space feel instantly warm and welcoming with Sue Hughes’ pretty origami fairy lights!

Transform a string of plain fairy lights with these beautiful origami flowers! While we usually associate fairy lights with winter festivities, dressing them up in pretty pastel colours makes these lights summer ready – they’re perfect for hosting a garden party or just adding some pretty colour to a room!At first, folding the flowers may look complicated, but after completing the steps a few times you’ll be able to produce the blooms with ease! It’s a great project if you want to practise mindful crafting, and once you’ve completed the project the pretty fairy lights will help you feel in the moment, too! For more mindful craft projects, check out our sister site, Project Calm. You can also find another floral-themed craft project from Pi on their website, too! 

You’ll need:


1. Cut 9cm squares of patterned paper from the Dovecraft Back to Basics pack. You will need five squares for each flower shape. Fold each square in half to form a triangle.


2. Fold the bottom left and bottom right points upwards so that they meet at the top to form a square. Repeat the process for all of the paper pieces.


3. Open out the folded corners and, using a bone folder to help, press them flat so that the two creases line up. This will create kite shapes at each side.


4. Fold the top corners of the kite shapes downward so that the top edge is level with the square behind. Repeat the process for all of the paper pieces.


5. Fold each of the kite shapes inward along the scored lines. Curve the shape so that both sides meet in the middle and secure with glue. Repeat with each square to create five petals.


6. Apply glue to the outside edge of a petal and attach another petal. Continue to add all of the petal shapes. Leave a small gap in the middle, big enough to insert each fairy light.


This project was created by Sue Hughes and is from issue 191 of Papercraft inspirations. You can order back issues of the magazine here. 

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