9 reasons to buy the October issue of Papercraft inspirations

From home décor projects to eco crafting and learning new card making skills to oh-so-gorgeous papers, here are 9 reasons to buy the October issue of Papercraft inspirations, on sale from 9th of August 2019!

1. Get your Angela Poole Magic Windows set 

Twist the tab on your Magic Window and watch the bud bloom! This kit is perfect for adding interest to your cards and making cute gift bags and tags

2. Make a blackboard easel card

Get another card making technique under your belt with these clever blackboard easel designs


3. Brighten up your home!

Rather than shopping for your home decorations, craft them instead with this gorgeous paper-pieced lampshade

4. Go green!

Want to be an eco-crafter? We show you how to upcycle an old shoebox into this stylish seed storage case

5. Get these free papers!

Tap into the cacti craze with our stylish succulent papers

6. Kitchen printables 

Bring your dream kitchen to life (that is if your kitchen is made of baby pink cookers, penguin chefs and doughnut prints) with these super-sweet printables

7. Craft cards for the happy couple!

Congratulate both the bride and groom on their big day with these wedding designs

8. Make changing colour wheels

Want all the colours of the rainbow on your cards? You can, thanks to these clever wheels

9. Learn new stamping skills 

Learn how to make stunning stamps stand out with these masked inked backgrounds


Papercraft inspirations 195 is on sale in the UK from the 9th August 2019 and will be available overseas around four-to-six weeks later. To make sure you don’t miss an issue, you can subscribe or order single issues online. We always love to see what you’ve been inspired to create, so don’t forget to share your latest papercraft and card projects with us on Facebook and Twitter, too!


3 thoughts on “9 reasons to buy the October issue of Papercraft inspirations

  1. Cindy Kolstee says:

    I just got my issue 195 and I got the things for the flower blossoming but no instructions how to put it together or how to use it. Page 6 says your craft kit but it is a Christmas theme for cards they are layering not the Angela Poole Magic Windows. There are parts and pieces in this package tha I have no idea where a what to use them for. I need help..

  2. Sharon Gullikson says:

    How do I use the Angela Poole magic window things? No directions in magazine. I wish that you would not have papers as the “gift”. I usually just throw them away. I will no doubt throw away these, but thought I would try putting one together.I might be able to salvage some of the rectangular strips to use at some point, but probably not. USA crafters don’t like the paper gifts, just so you know. My friends talk about how they all throw out the paper items.

    1. hbellis says:

      Sorry to hear you are not a fan of paper gifts, Sharon – but this one is pretty special. There is a video showing how to put the cards together here:

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