How to make an easel drawer card

Make an easel card and gift box, all in one go, with this simple drawer card step-by-step guide from Debbie Simpson!

This great design is perfect for delivering jewellery and small gifts in style – perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day and more! You could even hide some chocolate treats inside the drawer for Easter or Christmas!

Decorate the drawer card with pretty papers and toppers – we’ve got plenty of free papers and printables for you to choose from!

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Shopping list

Basic card kit, plus:

How to make a drawer card

1. Cut a 8x4in piece of white card then cut another piece to 4x4in. Using a scoring board, score the long piece at 2in and 4in then mountain fold at both score lines.

2. Decorate the base panel of the mountain-folded card, using a raised greeting as a stopper to support it in shape. Add sticky tape to the front fold. Decorate the square panel.

3. To make the drawer, cut a piece of card measuring 5.7×5.7in and score 1in in from each edge. Trim away small triangles from the corners and add double-sided tape, as shown.

4. Remove the backing from the tape and fold up the edges. Fold under the sticky corner tabs and adhere. Voila! You have the base of your drawer, ready to decorate and slide into a sleeve.

5. To make the drawer sleeve, cut a 10.5x4in piece of card. Score at 1in, 5in, 6in and 10in. Join at the 0.5in tab. Layer patterned paper and card onto the two narrow edges.

6. Decorate the outer faces of the drawer. Add a flower and brad to the front, then hide the brad legs with a strip of card. Add a strip of card to the inside back of the drawer, to strengthen it, too.

7. Slide the drawer into the sleeve and hide a jewellery gift inside. Attach the base of the easel card that you made in steps 1–2 to the box. Use double-sided tape to add the square panel to the card front.


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