Free dinosaur printables from Papercraft inspirations 187

Download our FREE dinosaur printables from Papercraft inspirations 187, featuring dinos, fossils and prehistoric toppers, to add to your cards and papercraft projects.

Re-find the Lost World with our amazing selection of dinosaur printables! From monstrous stegosaurus’ to chipper diplodocuses, Naomi Skinner’s collection of prehistoric creatures, ancient skeletons, jungly papers and puntastic sentiments make for rip-roaring card creations!

Sarah Jackman-Read has her mechanical card-making down to a T(-rex), with a waterfall card that flicks through five dinosaur species and pull tab card that reanimates a prehistoric skeleton. Make up a very special birthday card or keep one on your windowsill to fascinate young ones!

Find more fun free papers below!

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How to download dinosaur printable papers

Simply click on the one you want, to enlarge it, then drag and drop the image onto your desktop. You can also right-click on the larger image to save it. Find more free printables and ideas for cards in our Downloads section.

One thought on “Free dinosaur printables from Papercraft inspirations 187

  1. Just to say thank you for all the free downloads! they are so handy for me when I want to follow a theme.Very much appreciated.

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