Festival fun free printables from Papercraft Inspirations 142

Make colourful holiday cards or scrapbook your own adventures with these vibrant free printables and toppers from illustrator Jenny Ellory!

How to download free printables

Simply click on the one you want, to enlarge it, then drag and drop the image onto your desktop. You can also right-click on the larger image to save it. Find more free printables and ideas for cards in our Downloads section.

PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers2 PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers5 PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers4  PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers7 PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers8PIN_142_p39-48_freepapers3

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