Make a paper-cut squares Christmas card

Papercut bird card

If you’ve never tried paper cutting before, this paper-cut squares Christmas card designed by Julie Kirk from issue 132 is the perfect place to start!

The four elements are small squares that you can focus on individually and complete without too much effort. You’ll enjoy backing the finished design with coloured card too – it looks so stylish and helps your paper cutting look really crisp.

“The modular design of this card allows you to mix and match the square elements,” says Julie. “Use all four different designs, four or the same, or three in a row – it’s up to you! You can even cut just a single square and use it in the centre of a card or gift tag.”


Shopping list

Basic card kit plus…
Kraft, red & white card
Gingham ribbon
Letter stickers
Bird templates


Watch our paper cutting tutorial


How to make your paper-cut squares Christmas card

Papercut bird card step one

1. Trace the bird design onto tracing paper. Flip the tracing over and transfer the design onto white card. If you’re using a textured card, trace the design onto the smooth reverse.


Papercut bird card step two

2. Make small cuts in the corners of the design first – in each corner or junction where two pencil lines meet, push in the tip of a sharp craft knife and make a small cut.


Papercut bird card step three

3. Next, use a metal ruler to cut all the straight edges between the corner cuts. The pre-cut corners will help you to stop your knife exactly at the end of each line.


Papercut bird card step four

4. Carefully cut the curved lines of the design. Don’t try to cut curves in one single motion though – make shorter, controlled cuts which join up to form a longer line.


Papercut bird card step five

5. Now tackle any small details such as those around the bird’s eye and wing. Use the tip of the blade and continue until all the negative space is removed.


Papercut bird card step six

6. When you’ve finished cutting, check for any stray paper tufts. Layer the design onto card in a contrasting colour and add to the card front along with the other paper-cut designs.



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