Make little robin Christmas card embellishments

FIMO Christmas robin

FIMO polymer clay is a versatile material for card decorations and embellishments – try this robin Christmas card design by Charlotte Stowell, from Papercraft Inspirations 144, and see for yourself!

This robin design is made by piecing FIMO shapes together and the addition of FIMO gold powder lends some festive sparkle.

This simple and effective jigsaw technique uses shaped cutters to make an adorable little robin in three colours. As each robin only uses a small amount of FIMO, three blocks provide plenty of material to make at least ten robins. Use the cutters to easily produce identical shapes every time.

Set your little Christmas robin on a backdrop of patterned or textured papers in natural tones, to give your cards a rustic woodland feel – the perfect rural environment for your creations!

These little robins would also make fabulous additions to homemade crackers, present tags or gift bags. You could also punch a hole through the robin and thread through some beautiful ribbon to make your own collection of homemade Christmas tree decorations – great presents for friends and family!

Top tip: FIMO can be baked in an ordinary oven at 110ºC for 30 minutes to set it permanently hard, but make sure you always check instructions on the packet first. Once the FIMO has cooled, simply glue it onto your card or attach it with sticky pads.

Shopping list

Basic card kit, plus:
Brown card blank
12x12in patterned Paper
Black paper
FIMO Soft – Caramel, Indian Red, White, Black
FIMO Professional Navette and Teardrop Cutters
FIMO Gold Powder
Staedtler Black Pigment Liner
Rolling pin
Small glazed tile
Cocktail stick

Watch our YouTube tutorial or follow the steps below


How to make robin Christmas card embellishments

Christmas robin embellishment step one

1. Take a quarter of a block of caramel FIMO (two strips) and roll it out to 0.5cm in depth. Use the 6cm Navette cutter to cut a curve for the robin’s body.

Christmas robin embellishment step two

2. Roll a strip each of red and white FIMO to 0.5cm. Cut out one piece from each colour using the end of the Navette cutter. Use the side of the cutter to cut away the excess white.

Christmas robin embellishment step three

3. Gently press the three FIMO pieces so that they fit together, then carefully roll over the top using the rolling pin to make sure that all the edges are securely joined.

Christmas robin embellishment step four

4. Place the 5cm Teardrop cutter over the rolled clay, check the position of the colours, then cut out the robin shape. You can save any leftover FIMO to re-use another time.

Christmas robin embellishment step five

5. Cut a beak and roll an eye, then cut out a wing and add lines with a cocktail stick to give a feather effect. Shape the wing with your fingers to make it rounder.

Christmas robin embellishment step six

6. Brush gold powder over the beak, wings and edges. Curl the tail before baking in the oven on a tile. When cool, colour in the robin’s eye with a pen and finish your card design.

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