How to make paper daffodils

Crepe paper daffodils

Make your own host of golden crepe-paper daffodils with Zoë Patching’s radiant floral templates from Papercraft Inspirations 150.

You know that spring is really on its way when the daffodils are bursting into bloom and looking simply beautiful in your garden! And what better way to keep them blossoming all year round in your home than by creating your own pretty little pot of zesty crepe-paper daffodils?

Crepe paper is perfect, as it has a wonderful stretch, which helps to create natural curves and shapes that can be used to recreate the daffodil’s splendid yellow trumpet and petals. To achieve this effect, gently stretch out the petals using your fingertips to shape them.

A large bunch of these vibrant paper daffodils would make a lovely gift for hayfever sufferers who can’t have the real thing, or to cheer up a poorly friend or relative.

Our easy step-by-step guide shows you how to create your own vase of paper daffodils – great for bringing a splash of spring time sunshine into your home!

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Paper daffodils shopping list

  • Doublette crepe paper – Corn Yellow/Bright Yellow, Bright Yellow/Orange & Leaf Green/Pale, from Home Crafts
  • Green hobby wire
  • Florist tape
  • Oasis foam block, from Hobbycraft
  • Pot to display your daffodils
  • Glue gun
  • Template

How to make your own crepe paper daffodils step by step

Crepe paper daffodils

1. Cut out six petals from Yellow/Bright Yellow Doublette crepe paper using the templates. Overlap the petals and stick them together using a glue gun.

Crepe paper daffodils

2. Cut the central templates in Bright Yellow/Orange crepe paper. Roll the fringed paper around a fine wire. Wrap this with the outer strip of paper and glue the pieces together.

Crepe paper daffodils

3. Thread the petals onto the wire and fix them in place at the base of the flower using the glue gun. Add some leaves cut in Leaf Green/Pale using the template to finish.

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