How to make an ice cream sundae card

Beat the heat with this cool card idea! We’ll show you how it’s done, from the supplies you need to a step-by-step guide and shape templates. Find more great ice-cream projects with our summer card ideas!

You will need…
– Pale-blue, white, pale-orange, beige and deep-pink card
– Orange paper
– Pink flowery patterned paper
– Red ribbon

Step-by-step guide
1) Fold an A4 piece of pale blue card in half to make a card blank, and cover the inside of the card with orange paper.

2) Download our ice cream sundae template, below, then trace this shape on to so that the straight line of the sundae ‘glass’ lines up with the left-hand fold of your card blank. Cut away the excess card from around the outline of the sundae, leaving a shaped card.

3) Using the template as your guide, cut out shapes to decorate the sundae glass – you’ll need three semi circles of pale blue card to decorate the bottom of the glass. Now cut a large piece of flowery paper for the main front shape of the glass and stick this in place using sticky foam pads. Trim three circles of matching paper and layer these up on top again using sticky foam pads.

4) Now it’s time to make the yummy topping! Cut the wafer from pale orange and beige card, assemble and stick in place. Top it off with the uce cream shape, cut from white card (again using the template as your guide). Snip swirly shapes for the strawberry sauce from deep pink card and layer these on to your card with sticky foam pads.

5) All that’s left is to make the cherry on top! Give this a textured twist by covering a piece of red card with strips of red ribbon (overlapping so there are no gaps in between them). Cut this into a circle and stick it in place for an indulgent super-sundae!

Download your FREE printable ice cream sundae templates

Ice cream sundae.pdf (944KB)

Special thanks to Angela Poole and our sister magazine You Can Craft!, for showing us how to make this Ice Cream Sundae card.

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