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Want DIY craft ideas for things to make for your home, or gift ideas to make for family and friends? Take a look at five of our amazing papercraft projects.

How to make a chalkboard

Make shopping lists and share family reminders with this handy chalkboard.

For this project, you’ll need a chalkboard sticker sheet (available from Sticky Tiger). Decide how large you want your chalkboard to be, based on the size of your paper and chalkboard sticker, and cut patterned paper to size. Measure 3cm in from around all the edges of the paper and cut out an aperture frame with a craft knife and ruler.

Cut a piece of contrasting paper, the same size as your frame. Cut a chalkboard sticker to size and fix in the middle of the square. The sticker should be small enough so that you’ll see the contrast paper around it when the aperture frame is in place.

Die-cut a few fancy border strips and secure to the inside edge of the aperture frame using double-sided tape. Layer the frame in place with sticky foam pads. Now you can decorate your chalkboard with Zoë Patching’s templated designs!

Design by Zoë Patching

Decoupage drawers from Papercraft Inspirations magazine

How to découpage drawers

This little set of drawers makes a pretty jewellery box, as well as a handy place to stash those odd bits and bobs around the home.

Start by painting each section of your drawers with white matt emulsion. Once dry, trace around each part onto the reverse of your chosen découpage papers, and cut out the shapes.

Add a layer of découpage adhesive onto the surface of your drawer section, then carefully add the paper, working from one end to the other.

Once the paper is stuck in place, add another layer of adhesive over the top, to seal it. The paper may bubble slightly, but it should flatten once dry.

Design by Zoë Patching

How to make a dreamcatcher

This quick and simple make is a lovely idea for a gift, and provides plenty of charm and style when hung above a bed.

To make your dreamcatcher, simply wrap washi tape around an embroidery hoop. Place a doily in the centre of the hoop, then attach it using a needle and some ribbon.

Add long strands of ribbon to the bottom of the hoop then add beads and paper feathers, to finish.

Design by Zoë Patching

How to make a découpage desk tidy

Organise your craft essentials with this handy project.

Add a thin layer of découpage glue to the edge of an MDF desk tidy. Cover the edge with découpage paper, then brush a little glue over the top of it, working outwards from the middle. Once the edges are dry, trim any excess paper.

Repeat this process to cover all the sides of the desk tidy. Once everything is dry, assemble all the pieces together and decorate with lacy trims, paper flowers, sentiments, butterflies and gems. The choice is endless!

Design by Vicky Bailey

How to create art for your home

This striking design can be adapted for all seasons, and creates a lovely focal point.

Download our leaf templates then trace around them onto your chosen patterned papers.

Trim craft foam to fit your picture frame, then cover the foam with some backing paper. Arrange the leaves on the paper, and pierce along the centre of each with a needle.

Thread the needle and knot the end of the thread. Sew all the leaves onto the backing paper, using backstitch.

Design by Zoë Patching

More craft ideas for your home

Find even more ideas for DIY makes to jazz up your home decor on our Pinterest board.

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