How to make easy origami Christmas trees

Origami style greetings card

Make inspired festive cards with these easy origami Christmas tree designs. You don’t have to be an origami expert to make these cards by Nick Robinson & Zoë Patching from issue 132!

These stylish origami trees are simple to make, but they look so impressive! Origami expert Nick Robinson has designed them to be super-easy to fold – see below for a step-by-step guide and a video tutorial.

Designer Zoë Patching has created a set of three Christmas cards, plus a coordinating gift tag to show off the trees.

“I’ve used paper layers to make wintry scenes and simple geometric backgrounds,” says Zoë.

You can make your origami trees any size you like – just vary the size of the paper square you start with.

Want more Christmas inspiration? Take a look at our fantastic festive free printables, too!

Origami style greetings card

Make speedy gift tags

Use your practice origami trees to make quick gift tags! Gather two or three on one tag, or make one big tree for a real ‘wow’ factor.


Origami style greetings card

Craft a festive 3D forest

Fold an easy stepper card for a winter scene. Experiment with a sheet of A4 paper to find the correct height for the stepper folds, then use it as a template for your card blank.


Origami style greetings card

Pick out a motif

Take inspiration from your patterned papers! Paper circles make a stunning background for this origami tree.


How to make an origami Christmas tree

1. To make each tree, start with a square of paper. Fold diagonally to create a central crease. Unfold this and then fold both upper edges in to meet the crease.

2. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the folded-in corners from step 1. Make the folds as crisp as you can – you can use a bone folder or the edge of ruler if you like.

3. Next, fold in the outer edges of the paper shape at each side to meet the centre line. Use a bone folder to make sure the folds are nice and crisp.

4. Now fold the lower portion of the shape upwards, creasing across the widest point. Make sure you are still holding the tree in the position, as shown above.

5. You can now neatly fold the bottom half of the shape back on itself – this should be about 1cm from the base. This creates the tree trunk for your Christmas tree.

6. Turn the tree over and press along all the edges again for a neat finish. You can push the sides of the tree and trunk in slightly to create a slightly raised 3D effect.
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