How to make a Christmas wreath from sheet music!

One of Papercraft inspirations’ regular designers, Enfys Cashmore, has designed this utterly amazing Christmas wreath project, which as you can see is a real show-stopper!

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You will need

Sheet music book (from charity shop)


Tea dye distress ink and blending tool

Gold glitter

1 1/2 meters of hessian ribbon from


How to make the wreath

1. Use a dinner plate and a tea plate to draw two circles on cardboard to form your wreath base

2. Cut out and glue together. At this stage you can cover the wreath base with ribbon if you want, but not essential

3. Cut out 90 3 1/2″ squares from the music sheets (this is the boring bit, put a Michael Buble christmas CD on to get you in the mood!)

4. Form the cones. The red line shows you where to apply glue, a tape runner makes is quick. Ink the top edges and put a dab of PVA glue on the inside point and sprinkle with glitter

5. Glue your cones to your base, when you have finished the first layer, add a second layer of cones on top of the first

6. Finish with a large double hessian bow and some paper flowers

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