How to make a twirling greeting

We’re so excited to bring you this project by Sonia Sellers. Learn how to make a card with a twirling greeting hidden inside! Read on for Sonia’s instructions.

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You will need:
Your basic card kit, plus…
A4 card
Kebab skewer
Hole punch
Stampin’ Up! stamps & punches (for the greeting)

Step 1

Cut a piece of A4 card in half, then fold each piece in half again, to form two C6 card blanks. On one card, measure and mark 1cm and 4cm on the folded edge from the top and bottom. Also measure and mark 4cm in along the top and bottom from the folded edge, join up these marks with a line.

Step 2
Cut from the marks on the fold to the solid line, to form two tabs. Cut two more little snips in the middle of each tab. Open card and fold tabs as shown.

Step 3
Punch a small hole on the right hand side of the card, just above the bottom tab and another in line with the first hole about 2cm in from the edge, these are for the twine to go through.

Step 4
Cut a length of twine approximately 30cm long and a kebab skewer 14.5cm long. Feed the skewer through the tabs. Thread the twine through the hole nearest the centre and secure at the back with tape. Wind it round the skewer 8 to 10 times and then thread through the other hole and secure at the back. Open and close card to check that the skewer rotates.

Step 5
Stick this card inside the other C6 blank, just applying double sided tape to the outer edges. Now you can add your greeting to the skewer, and decorate the card front at you like.


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