Bonus project: Mini bunting card!

Kelly’s got a real treat for her final guest post – a fun card project that’s perfect to make this weekend. Happy crafting!

As a popular choice for summer picnics and parties, floral bunting is right on trend and makes for a lovely card design too! This project is in perfect time for the weekend, so get creative and have a go at making your own bunting card! I based this design on the beautiful Neroli collection of papers and embellishments, which coincide with the summery theme of issue 127. However, the Neroli collection can be easily substituted for other papers and embellishments – pick a theme of your choice! We’d love to see what you can come up with – share your creations with us via Facebook or Twitter!

kelly card 2

You will need:

Basic card kit, plus…

Neroli 6×6 Premium Premium Paper Pad

Neroli Premium Embellishment Kit

Decorative edge die



Pearly gems

Step 1

Trim a piece of plain coloured paper to fit the card front. Leave about an inch above the bottom edge. Use double-sided tape to stick this to the card front.

Step 2

Die-cut a decorative edge along a piece of patterned paper. Use a paper cutter to trim along the same piece of paper about a centimetre above the decorative edge. Use double-sided tape to stick this below the plain coloured paper on your card front.

Step 3

For the bunting, begin by hand cutting small diamonds from a pale-coloured piece of paper. Make sure you cut out enough diamonds for your greeting; here I used 13 diamonds to spell out ‘Happy Birthday’. Fold each diamond in half to form small triangles. Write a single letter on each triangle to spell out your greeting.

Step 4

Cut a piece of twine, about 15cm in length. One by one, open up each piece of bunting and place a small patch of double-sided sticky tape on the back of each diamond. Fold each one over the twine and press the two sides together; the sticky tape should hold each bit of bunting in place. Position each triangle along the twine.

*Tip: the size of your bunting will depend on the length of your greeting. ‘Happy Birthday’ is quite long, so the triangles have to be small; whereas a smaller number of letters would allow for larger triangles.

Step 5

Position your bunting on the card front and fasten the ends of the twine round the back of the card, using sellotape. To hold it in place, place a sticky pad behind several of your triangles at regular intervals and attach to the card front.

Step 6

Cut a piece of lace about 15cm in length. Wrap it round the card front and fasten on the inside (double-sided tape works well here). Place pearly gems at regular intervals along the lace. Finish by adding three flower embellishments at the top of the card front to finish.




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