How to make a 3D flower card

This pretty flower card is perfect for birthdays. Scroll down for your step-by-step guide and free templates! Take a look at more fantastic flower card ideas, too!

Click here to download your flower card template as a PDF

You will need:

Assorted patterned papers

Turquoise, green & purple card

Acetate Seed beads 1in circle punch


First, decorate your card front. Cover the top half of the card front with turquoise card, and the bottom half with green card. Snip strips of patterned paper and layer on to the green card to create a stripy pattern.

Step 2

Open out the card, then use the template to cut a vase-shaped aperture from the card front. Add pink ribbon to cover the join between the top and bottom halves of the card, then back the aperture with acetate.

Step 3

Now to make your flower! Cut six petal shapes from purple patterned paper. Using the dotted lines on the template as a guide, fold and stick each petal into a curving 3D shape.

Step 4

Cut or punch a 1in circle of card and stick the petals around it to make the flower shape.

Step 5

Use the template to cut two of the smaller flower shapes from coordinating patterned paper. Layer these on to the main flower shape with sticky foam pads.

Step 6

Cut a spiky flower centre from purple card and stick it to your flower. Decorate your flower with lots of seed beads! You can use a cocktail stick to help you add tiny dots of PVA glue for the beads.

Step 7

Cut the stem shape from patterned paper and stick it to the acetate vase. Fix the flower in place on top. Add some patterned paper to the inside back flap of your card to finish.


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